About Mo

Meet Senator Mo Denis

Moises Denis (who goes by “Mo”) has always said, "I won’t complain about a problem unless I'm willing to do something about it." It is this mentality that has kept Mo an active member of his community, serving in key leadership roles and giving of his time and talents to make a difference in the political world.

Mo has been working in his community for two decades, serving in capacities such as chairing the PTA, sitting on the Clark County Library Board, serving as an elected Assemblyman and most recently as Nevada's President Pro Tempore where he is fighting and advocating for Nevada families.

Senator Denis has been called “a politician who espouses principles,” by the Las Vegas Review- Journal and a politician “quickly rising”. “I am passionate about making things better and if stepping up in leadership is something that will help me accomplish this, I’ll do it,” he says.

As State Senator, Mo has taken up education, consumer rights and the economy as his key priorities, passing legislation and chairing committees to address these issues. “Everything I do in our state's capital is centered on improving our community and the lives of individuals and families and certainly these issues are vital in their success," he says. "I want to leave something positive for them."

Mo's community is dear to him. He has been living in the same house for the past 20 years and in the same community for 30 in which his parents still reside. Mo is the son of immigrant parents from Cuba and was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was a young child, his parents moved to Las Vegas where his father worked in room service at The Sands Hotel & Casino for many years. In his early years, Mo dedicated his time to self improvement. He focused in and completed all the merit badges and requirements to earn the title Eagle Scout, which he says taught him valuable leadership skills that he still puts in practice today.

After graduating from Rancho High School, Mo went to Brigham Young University in Utah for one year to study music and then left to serve his Mormon mission for two years in Uruguay. Upon returning to BYU, Mo met his wife Susan whom he married soon after at 21 years of age. The couple had their first born soon thereafter, compelling Mo to leave college and seek work to support his family. Together with a friend, Mo opened a music store where he learned valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and business management.  Soon after closing his business, Mo moved back to Las Vegas to work and raise his family. It was upon running into a computer tech group at the library where he found his next professional opportunity. This group opened him up to learning more about computers and he would then embark in a long technical career.

Mo has since focused on a computer technical career, having served in that capacity for the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for 17 years before leaving in 2012 to work as IT Director for Lunas Construction. Mo got his start in civic engagement when his daughter started her first year of school. Mo became involved in the PTA, eventually became President of the local board and was also appointed to serve on the Library Board. Mo was soon appointed to serve on the board of the Community Development Block Grants and was appointed to the Commission of Education Technology by Governor Miller. Governor Guinn later appointed him to chair the Commission.

In 2002, after redistricting Mo had a failed run for a newly formed assembly seat. During that same period, Mo and Susan had their fifth child.  In 2004, the seat opened again, and Mo ran and won by a landslide serving as Assemblyman for six years before running unopposed for State Senate in 2010.

Mo is still happily married to his wife Susan of 29 years, has five children and four grandchildren, and Mo continues to fight for the betterment of his community and constituents.