Education is one of my top priorities for our state. I have served as chair the Education Committee in the Senate and served on the PTA board for over a decade. I believe all children deserve a quality education and that their teachers deserve the tools required to help students reach their potential.

As senator I have secured extra funding for public libraries and music therapy programs to help ensure that additional opportunities are available for children who want to continue learning.

I also believe strongly in the importance of higher education. Every Nevada student deserves an opportunity to attend college, no matter what their financial situation may be. My goal is to develop and retain young professionals by providing quality education in both K-12 and upper level education, and by providing these opportunities as the base for successful communities.

Nevada must act to improve education now.  There are several steps we should take to improve education in Nevada:

1. Implement a Pre-K system for all at-risk students.

2. Fund a full-day kindergarten in all public schools.

3. Smaller class sizes.

4. End social promotion before the third grade.

5. Change the K-12 funding formula.

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