Health Care

Nevada is among the states with the highest levels of uninsured people in the country. It is of critical importance that this statistic changes permanently. We need competition among our insurance companies to provide people with health insurance options and competitive rates. We also need to make these opportunities affordable to business owners and self-employed residents so that their business is not threatened by a medical hardship.

The new Silver State Health Insurance Exchange system will do a great deal to get more Nevadans insured.  Enrollment begins next year.  You can find out more by visiting their website.

We also need to provide more physician, dental and vision clinics in our rural areas at costs that are compatible with the regional wages.

It costs us more as a state to not have our residents insured and to not provide the resources they need for proper preventative medical attention and care. When it comes to health care we need to become less reactive and more proactive.

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