The top priority for Nevada education is overhauling the Nevada Plan. There isn’t going to be a tax hike to fully implement weighted funding, and Read by 3 needs to be modified. That’s all according to Sen. Mo Denis, who will chair the Senate Education Committee. Denis also said he doesn’t now support extending $20 million in tax credits for the Opportunity Scholarship program.

“The number one thing we’ve got to do is fix how we allocate the funds, which is Nevada Plan,” said Denis while filming Nevada Politics Today.

“Does it make sense for the Nevada of today?” he continued. “When the Nevada Plan was created in 1967, I was a first grader at Robert E. Lake Elementary School. I think it’s time that we replace that and do it with something that works for Nevada today. That doesn’t mean that we have to increase any money, just how we allocate it. We need to look at what is available today.”

Read the full story at the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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