At an education summit led by a panel of higher education leaders like Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara, Communities in Schools of Nevada chief executive Tiffany Tyler, and state senator Mo Denis, the community voiced their concerns about school safety.

“It’s unsettling. Our vision of empowering youth to go out and be our next set of leaders is greatly compromised when children are reporting they don’t feel safe,” said Tyler.

Race was brought up a lot on Tuesday. Superintendent Jara said the majority of kids who get expelled and disciplined are African American. Some people said more diverse teachers could help.

“When you have somebody that looks like you and grew up like you, I think sometimes those things help,” said panelist and Senator Mo Denis.

“It’s not only physical safety but also emotional and physiological safety.”

The summit didn’t solve any of these problems but it did spark a conversation.

“After coming to this summit today, I feel a whole lot better,” said Chavez.

A conversation other parents hope will continue outside of workday hours, so more people can get involved.

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