logo main smallNevada State Senate Majority Leader Moises Denis issued the following statement in response to the controversy surrounding Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s public comments on the issue of slavery.

“I am deeply disturbed by the comments made by Assemblyman Wheeler stating he would vote to reinstitute slavery if a majority of his constituents were in favor. This kind of rhetoric is unacceptable and has no place in our political discourse.

The large volume of national media attention to this incident is due to the extreme recklessness of his behavior.  Assemblyman Wheeler should have no confusion as to whether his comments were offensive.

As the first Senate Majority Leader of Hispanic descent in Nevada, I understand the many barriers that racial and ethnic minorities have encountered in our history. Making jest of such a tragic episode in American history is unbecoming of a public servant.  It is time that we move forward and embrace the greatness in America’s diversity, and discontinue these negative statements that seek to divide us.”

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