Ell_NevadaLas Vegas-Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis issued the following statement following Governor Sandoval’s formal signature of Senate Bill 504:

Many Nevadans struggle everyday in our schools because our state lacks a fully funded English Language Leaner (ELL) program.   As someone who could have benefited from this type of program, I understand how difficult it can be to learn the fundamentals of education without the proper support that ELL specialists provide.  I am honored that today Governor Sandoval has signed into law Senate Bill 504, which allocates state funding to ELL programs in our schools.

Earlier this session I asked Senator Woodhouse to sponsor SB 504 through the Education Committee.  I am pleased that many members of the Senate Education Committee worked tirelessly to make this program a reality.  In particular Senator Joyce Woodhouse, as well as Assemblywomen Marilyn Dondero-Loop and Olivia Diaz, and Assemblyman Andy Eisen deserve special recognition for their hard work on this legislation.

All Nevadans will benefit from this legislation.  Teachers will get to spend more time with their students while specialists will assist ELL students.  Today makes an important step in the recognition of Nevada’s immigrant population and will allow our growing immigrant population to succeed in school and in the workforce.



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